Community Flag Program

The Florence Kiwanis Flag Program is a fundraising project that provides financial support in the form of charitable giving to local youth programs and other community projects in the Florence and Mapleton areas. With the help of our members and community volunteers, we place over 600 flags throughout the streets of Florence on at least 10 days per year.

The presence of these flags enables businesses and individuals alike, to display their patriotism and community support without having to use their own resources. As a flag sponsor, they pay for each flag to be displayed along Highways 101 and 126, Kingwood Street, 9th Street, Spruce Street, Bay Street, Rhododendron Drive, and other pre-defined locations. The Kiwanis Club of Florence provides the flag, the pole, maintenance, and the labor for this program, though we do rely on community volunteers to help us put out and bring in flags on flag days.

The number of scheduled flag days is limited by the number of core volunteers available to help put out and bring in the flags; the number of scheduled days is currently 10-12 flag days. However, adverse weather conditions may prohibit putting out flags on certain days. Click here: Flag Days 2024

Individuals and businesses pay an annual fee of $30 per year to sponsor a single flag. Our calendar year starts October 1st and runs through September 30th of the following year. If you would like to be a flag sponsor, you can complete the form below.. **Payments can be made with PayPal or any of the major credit cards listed below ** For more information contact us at [email protected], please put “Flags” in the Subject of your email.

We do Pro-rate our flag subscriptions

Single Flag $30 per year for an annual renewal.

Mar-Sept. $45 pays for the remainder of this year and the next year.

Click here to sponsor 1 or more flags