Become a Kiwanis Member

Have you been looking to do some volunteering for good causes in your community? Do you like helping kids, having fun and feeling like you made a difference? Why not consider joining us and become a member of our Kiwanis club?

Kiwanis clubs are volunteer-based while club meetings offer an atmosphere of fun, learning and fellowship.  We’d love for you to get involved and amplify our impact in the Florence Community.

Volunteering with an organization like Kiwanis does more than make people feel good.  It helps buffer people against stress and disease, and eases pressure on health systems, contributes to higher levels of happiness, self-esteem, self-worth and life satisfaction.

Benefits of becoming a Kiwanis member include:

  • Change children’s lives
    • Improve the community and the world
    • Build friendships
    • Enhance leadership skills
    • Develop business contacts

How do members get involved?  They:

  • Participate in service and fundraising projects
    • Serve on committees
    • Attend club meetings
    • Serve on the Board of Directors
    • Spread the word about Kiwanis

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